Why is Human Rights Watch always against President Paul Kagame?

Here is a simple answer by Rafael Hukai.

When I worked in Africa, I visited Rwanda several time, and witnessed the transformation under President Kagame’s leadership. I also work with many people who used to serve the military under General Kagame. Together, they turned the country from killing hell to a shining start in East Africa. The country is clean, orderly and progressing.

Who is HRW? Do they care about people’s life and lifelyhood, or just their own ideas? I am happy to see Rwanda people stand on their own term, and I am looking forward to go back their to be part of their country rebuild effort. They don’t have natural resources, they don’t have a sea port, all they have is hardworking and intelligent people, with a great leadership. They will be Singapore of Africa.

Quotes: Rafael Hukai