Viva Rwanda
Why invest in Rwanda

Recognized globally as a safe and secure place, Rwanda remains relatively a virgin territory for investors. The country displays robust governance, strong economic growth and high level of investor confidence.


2nd fastest growing economy in Africa (7.5% p.a. since 2007)

Most improved nation in human development in the world

Young and growing population (~70% of population under 30)


5th safest country to walk at night worldwide

Lowest debt ratio in region & stable credit ratings

Stable currency

Business friendly & modern

2nd for doing business in Africa1

1st for Government transparency in Africa

Most women in Parliament and in a gender-balanced Cabinet in the world (respectively 61% and 50%)

A regionalplatform

Strong African hub potential; highly connected African airline

2nd MICE ranking in Africa; +19 ranks in 4 years

Growing bilingual, educated workforce (~50k tertiary grad./yr)


1st in the EAC for network readiness

5th in Africa

95% 4G LTE network coverage; 7,000km fibre

Rwanda Sees a Significant Rise in Female Business Ownership

According to a recent report by the Rwanda Development Board (RDB), female ownership of individual businesses in Rwanda has seen a substantial increase in the last five years, reflecting a promising rise in women entrepreneurship in the country.

The annual RDB report reveals that female ownership of businesses surged from 27% in 2017 to 34% in 2022, signifying a trend towards a more balanced gender distribution in the private sector. In 2022 alone, at least one female company director was found in 39% of companies, underlining Rwanda’s commitment to diversity and inclusivity in corporate leadership.

In the past year, 93,764 businesses were registered in the country, including 18,692 domestic companies, 74,779 individual enterprises, and 63 foreign companies. The report emphasized the considerable increase in female ownership of individual enterprises, which grew from 38% in 2017 to 50% in 2022. This striking growth underscores the critical role of women’s empowerment and gender equality in the business sector.