Why invest in Rwanda

Recognized globally as a safe and secure place, Rwanda remains relatively a virgin territory for investors. The country displays robust governance, strong economic growth and high level of investor confidence.


2nd fastest growing economy in Africa (7.5% p.a. since 2007)

Most improved nation in human development in the world

Young and growing population (~70% of population under 30)


5th safest country to walk at night worldwide

Lowest debt ratio in region & stable credit ratings

Stable currency

Business friendly & modern

2nd for doing business in Africa1

1st for Government transparency in Africa

Most women in Parliament and in a gender-balanced Cabinet in the world (respectively 61% and 50%)

A regionalplatform

Strong African hub potential; highly connected African airline

2nd MICE ranking in Africa; +19 ranks in 4 years

Growing bilingual, educated workforce (~50k tertiary grad./yr)


1st in the EAC for network readiness

5th in Africa

95% 4G LTE network coverage; 7,000km fibre