Water Access Rwanda Headquarter

Access to water is not enough, we seek to bring convenient, reliable and affordable access to SAFE WATER. With over 700 million Africans still without safe water even after years of interventions, we believe it is high time everyone focused on lasting quality access to water. 

We deploy innovative, capital-efficient and next-level services and systems to provide safe water to mainly rural and small town dwellers in Africa. All living beings are water-dependent and over 72% of productive sectors require water, there is no one-fit-all solution when it comes to providing water. We thus seek to be a solution for different segments of the market and meet our clients where their budget allows. The solutions offered are bundled through four different offerings each targeted to a different customer segment. Each of the solutions is complemented by our capacity to conduct geophysical surveys and other feasibility studies.

Our systems allow for reliable access to safe water anywhere, even when living far from surface water.

Our team accompanies you from survey to maintenance.