Club Rafiki Nyamirambo
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Club Rafiki is community-based organization with legal personality No 07/08.11 of 18/04/2011 given by the Rwanda Governance Board (RGB). It promotes the interests of young people, mainly resident in the Nyarugenge District, with a range of initiatives. Club Rafiki was established in 1974 by the congregation of Dominican Brothers.

The Club has responded to the needs of its local community, with a priority on the needs of young
people. The goal of the Club has been, and continues to be, the development of young people in
all their spheres; social, sport, cultural, intellectual, moral, health, educational and economic. Over
those years, we have been advocates for the younger generation, promoting their talents, improving
their sexual and reproductive health, all the while contributing to a better future for our nation.
The Club achieves it goals by giving opportunities to members of the community through sport
and recreation programs; health, education and training programs, and cultural activities.

Club Rafiki is located at Abatarushwa Village, Rwezamenyo I Cell, Rwezamenyo Sector,
Nyarugenge District in the City of Kigali, plot no 531; UPI 1/01/10/03/531, the plot surface area
is 4,167 square meters. Phone: (+250) 788 853 615 for Nsengumuremyi Omar Tony – Center
Manager and 0788 512 668 for Alamba Stephanie – Legal Representative)
Email: website: