Trevor Noah praised the program of Visit Rwanda

Comedian Trevor Noah praised Visit Rwanda, showing it as the best plan the country has taken to promote tourism and that it continues to produce tangible results for the country’s economy.

The comedian made the announcement in an interview on 947 Radio in Johannesburg, where he is preparing for a 12-show tour of South Africa.

Trevor said about on Visit Rwanda when he was asked about the deal the South African Tourism Agency, SA Tourism (SAT), announced that it is going to have with the Tottenham Hotspur team but some people and business organizations are discussing it too far and asking the government not to engage in these activities.

He said, “Looking at the program that Rwanda worked with Arsenal, before it started it was considered a crazy idea, but now Rwanda’s tourism is increasing by 247%, you understand what I mean now they would be making hundreds of millions of dollars of the United States from tourism they have never seen, and now the geese and the park are benefiting from it.”

“There is something that is difficult for some of us to understand because you live in a country where every day you wake up there is a politician who has stolen the government’s resources. We need to be in a country where there are many plans to be made and some agreements have been signed to get domestic investments.”

He went on to say that “I don’t accept money from the government, I don’t expect things, I just believe that we need to push this country, we need to get people to visit it, otherwise we will find ourselves at a very low level and the country will find itself without money.”

The Johannesburg-born comedian rose to global fame after replacing Jon Stewart on The Daily Show in 2015, only to retire from the show at the end of 2022.

The National Development Agency, RDB, recently announced that in the five years since the Visit Rwanda program began, the number of tourists entering Rwanda has increased by 56%.

Due to the ongoing results from this program in recent days, it was announced that Rwanda has entered into a partnership with the German Bayern Munich team, where it will promote its tourism through advertising in its Allianz Arena Stadium, along with other promotional activities. football in Rwanda.

It is an extension of Rwanda’s cooperation with clubs including Arsenal of England and Paris Saint-Germain of France.

President Kagame received the Director of ‘ROAR Africa’ which works with high level tourists

President Paul Kagame received in his office Deborah Calmeyer, the founder of ‘ROAR Africa’, an agency that promotes tourism through planning high-end tourist trips.

President Kagame and Deborah Calmeyer met on Monday, September 4, in Urugwiro Village. It was a discussion attended by Clare Akamanzi who heads the Rwanda Development Board .

ROAR AFRICA is known as a travel agency for high end tourists.

The talks between President Kagame and this woman, who is also the CEO of ROAR Africa, focused on looking together at how the organization he manages could work more closely with Rwanda in promoting tourism.

Calmeyer is in Rwanda to welcome tourists who will visit the country through the program known as ‘Greatest Safari On Earth’ organized by the company he manages.

It is not the first time that ‘ROAR Africa’ has worked with Rwanda as it has also brought 10 high-level tourists, including nine Americans and one from the United Arab States, to visit Rwanda in August 2021.

They traveled across the country through the ‘Greatest Safari On Earth’ program, where they each paid $125,000 for the 12 days they had to spend on this trip.

At that time, Director and founder of ROAR AFRICA, Deborah Calmeyer, said that this program aims to show tourists that there are places in Africa that they should visit.

She said, “Many of these people came to Africa for the first time, so they saw many things, animals. It is important that they know what is going on. They want to visit all of Africa, and now is the way to do it. Using this plane, we were able to visit four countries that have modern tourism in 12 days.

She said that this tourism is expected to help Rwanda recover from the effects of COVID-19. She said, “Rwanda is the first country that opened tourism in August last year, and has put in place measures to prove it. Your people are kind to each other. We chose Rwanda because of the geese in your country, everyone wants to be satisfied.”

Statistics show that Rwanda earned $247 million in the first six months of 2023 from tourism, a 56% increase from the $158 million earned in the same period in 2022.

What caused Salehe to kneel in the district office after being granted Rwandan citizenship

Muhemedi Salehe, who is originally from India, expressed great joy when he was granted Rwandan citizenship and decided to kneel down to praise God and honor Him.

This man is one of the 23 who were granted citizenship on Monday, September 4, 2023 in a ceremony held in Kicukiro District and was attended by various officials including the staff of the National Immigration Service.

It is not unusual for those who have been granted citizenship to be asked by the emotions that are visible to everyone, but for this man it is clear that the old man insisted on it while he was in the room where he took the oath.

As soon as he took the oath and was granted citizenship, he seemed to return to his seat, but first he humbled himself, knelt on the ground, and again looked at the sky and extended his hands in praise of God.

It is a sight to see such a person who is very happy to get Rwandan citizenship.

Usually when people are granted citizenship they first take an oath and this man was surprised when he read his oath written in Kinyarwanda.

The Executive Director of Kicukiro District, Antoine MUTSINZI told IGIHE that he saw the man who was overcome with emotions and talked to him for a moment and told him that he was in his heart and the reason for his kneeling.

He said, “According to what I saw and what we talked about, it was because Rwanda gave him citizenship and he thought it would take a long time. told me that he thought it would be difficult for him to get citizenship because there are other countries that do not give it to adults, but he was surprised that Rwanda gave it to him even so late.”

He continued, “Even though we spent a little time, this was because he knows that getting citizenship is difficult, but because Rwanda cares for everyone, he thought it was impossible to get it.”

This man was born in Rwanda in 1952 to parents who worked in business, he was born in Rwamagana District and grew up in Rwanda.

He was granted citizenship based on the fact that he married a Rwandan woman even though he was born in Rwanda.

Normally, in order for a person to apply for citizenship based on being born in Rwanda, it requires that his parents reside in Rwanda legally, so it was difficult for Muhemedi because it was not proven in reality.

Normally, the law stipulates 11 reasons for granting Rwandan citizenship, that is, non-origin.

They include being born on the soil of Rwanda, an adopted child, marriage, because of a mother who did not give birth to a child, national interest, special knowledge or talent, investment or large and lasting activities, living in Rwanda, dignity, immigration and statelessness.

Former Miss France Alicia Aylies arrived in Kigali

Alicia Aylies participated in a beauty pageant in France and won the crown of the country’s champion in 2017 in Kigali.

The reliable information is that this girl arrived at Kigali Airport in the morning of August 30, 2023. So far it is not known why this girl is in Rwanda.

25-year-old Alicia Aylies combines singing and modeling. She rose to fame in 2017 when she won the Miss France crown, after winning Miss French Guiana.In 2017, she also participated in the Miss Universe pageant but was unable to win the crown.

It was in 2021 that Alicia Aylies, who had decided to enter music, released her first song called ‘Mojo’. This girl who is known as a model so far has two songs because after that she released another one called ‘Abuser’.

In December 2022 this girl revealed that she was pregnant, in April this year she gave birth to her first child.

Source: IGIHE